Lights, Camera, Music!

Exploring The Cinematic Music in Super Themes

Whether you’re producing an A/V show, reality television or maybe a low budget film that you want to sound like a major motion picture and you’re seeking true film score music, we have you covered. We’re blessed to have David Wurst, a world-class composer with a number of films under his belt as well as the creator of the Super Themes library, developed exclusively for CSS Music.

If you want to dig into David’s work, click on the Search by Library button and select Super Themes. You’ll immediately notice that Volume 1 is called The Big Screen. On that disc you’ll find everything from adventure with “Super Hero” to Western vistas with “Westward Ho! to the evocative and inspirational “Echoes Of America.” You’ll find Volumes 11 and 12, Super Cinema and Big Screen II are also packed with incredibly well produced music. One of our favorite cuts is on Volume 12, “The Homecoming” that practically paints a patriotic scene in your mind. While there are other excellent film music discs, David’s latest album, Big Screen Xlll is a tour de force with epic themes and extraordinary orchestrations.

But not every film today—or television show or AVpresenation–requires large orchestral scores. That’s why you’ll find volumes like Exotic Destinations, Just For Kids, Light Jazz, Country/Bluegrass, Best of the Blues and Modern Vibe which features some really cool tracks like “Lover” that sound like it just sashayed off the runway at Fashion Week in New York.

David is also a master of all genres of Rock and you’ll find everything from Rock & Rebellion to X Rock to Rock and Urban Muscle, to name a few. Just about any scene you may need to underscore with rock music can be found in one of these discs.


We at CSS Music are proud to represent David (and his brother/co-composer Eric) Wurst and the cinematic quality of Super Themes. We highly recommend you take this library for a test drive with your next show. We believe you’ll find exactly what you’re after and will enjoy the accolades you’ll receive for using it!