Get Shorty

A Discussion of CSS Music’s Intros & Endings

Just to be clear: this blog in no way references the 1995 Barry Sonnenfeld film. Instead, we’ll examine some of the great short cues found in the CSS Music library. If you look at our Hand Picked Genre/Category Hot Lists menu you’ll find Intros-Endings. Click the Go button and start auditioning!
These tasty little morsels can save you tons of time when you need a short piece of music that has an abbreviated beginning, middle and end. We’ve labeled these as intros and endings, but there are also short music cues that can be utilized in a number of situations like cross fades, bumpers and transitions.
If you’re producing a Sport or Sporting show, a track like “Hello Beautiful” (Powertrax Vl. 30) will make an excellent bumper or scene change. Have a paranormal show? Give “Great Caesars Ghost” (Project Platinum Vl. 15) a listen. Maybe it’s a cocktail lounge scene where actors enter just as the band is concluding. You’ll find “Lounge Trio Groovin’” (Repo-File Plus Vl. 39) is absolutely perfect. How about creating your own film opening logo with a huge orchestra? “All Purpose Opener” (Digital Ditties Vl. 3) will really make a statement! Can you use a cute little chromatic piano scale up and down for a graphic underscore? Check out “Spin Cast.’ (Repo-File Plus Vl. 17)
CSS Music currently has 25 pages of these super handy tracks that have been culled from our Repo-File Plus, Powertrax, Digital Ditties and more recent Project Platinum albums. We’re aware you guys/gals are doing a lot more music changes and the requirements for music—particularly for reality television—have changed a lot in the past 10 years. And we will continue to expand this genre with upcoming volumes so you can quickly drop in music without having to perform major music editing surgery.
Please let us know if there’s something you need, or frequently use, along these lines and we’ll do our best to add to future updates!
Oh, by the way, check out the music effects in the CSS E-EFX library.