Primal Scene

Where Using CSS Music’s Nature Wild & Raw Makes Sense

Nothing sets a mood for a show or scene like a black screen with an unpredictable piece of music setting the mood. The tension—or perhaps humor—is immediately conjured in the viewers mind without ever showing a single image. For those of you producing reality television shows looking for ear/eye candy to freshen up a scene, try this…

Let’s say you want to create a faux set-up for a laugh. Maybe one of your stars is wearing a bizarre looking hat, has an unusual injury, is in a funny situation, etc. Lay in CSS Music’s Super Themes volume 68 “All Five Senses”—the :30 version might be perfect–over black screen. Using your best movie trailer copy ideas, add text like “One Man,” “On A Mission Like None Other…” “Battling Odds Never Imagined…” etc. etc.

As the music builds, increase the drama by speeding up your bullet points; maybe use some flying fonts, add unusual colors on certain letters or words or go with the old Stars Wars scroll and mess with the fonts as you get close to the end of the music. When the final echoing chord strikes, hold your punch line for an extra beat. Then smash cut to a CU shot of the hat/wound/situation, etc.

Done properly, you should get an immediate laugh because of the juxtaposition of the dramatic/unsettled nature of your setup to the unexpected humorous payoff.

Not to say this is the only way this is the only way the CSS Music Nature Wild & Raw category can benefit your show. On the same Super Themes Volume 68 is a terrific track entitled “Heart Pounding Hard” that features a driving electric guitar riff separated by quiet delayed guitar or synthesizer echoes. This tune is ideal when you have two situations you need to cover at the same time—someone is racing to get somewhere, somebody else is waiting or is dealing with a problem. With it’s fiery tempo, “Heart Pounding Hard” provides excellent short cues for you to cut to each situation.

Take a few minutes to audition the 4 pages we’ve culled in this category. You’ll find it on the CSS Music/Zero Fee Music home page under Hand Picked Genre/Category Hot List. See where your imagination takes you as you listen to these unique tracks!