When is a tune really “Epic”

The word “Epic” gets thrown around all the time.  So much so,  the true meaning of the word is lost.  Some libraries use the word so much you begin to wonder what something that isn’t “Epic” might sound like.

Fortunately, we pretty much know EPIC when we hear it. It means huge, grandiose, bigger than life, etc., etc.  So it should become pretty obvious that a light corporate, light industrial or light activity tune is definitely NOT EPIC.  That goes for a lot of acoustic tunes as well.  Bigger is not always better.  Sometimes less is more…a lot more.

I suppose it might be illustrative at this point to actually let you hear what we at CSS Music consider epic.  Here for your listening pleasure and perusal are the latest “EPIC” tunes from film composer, David Wurst in his latest album Super Themes Big Screen XIV EPIC volume 2 (battle, fantasy, game music).