Yes Virginia there are new CSS Music Releases

Many CSS Music clients have asked, “when will we get the new 2018 releases?”  Well the wait is over and new music is ready to download now in all the glorious formats available on (mp3 320, Apple Lossless 44.1khz, .aif 44.1khz, .wav 44.1khz and .wav 48khz).  Of course you can download single track downloads and earn a DAWN Dollar Discount the more you buy.  But don’t forget about the new “You Pick ‘Em Plan” that lets you save 50-90%.  And of course there’s the most flexible subscription plan in the music library industry, the “Rollover Download Subscription Plan”.  And last but not least, check out the Q-Disc virtual CD option-  buy one Q-Disc and the 2nd one is 50% off.  What a great way to build a powerful library.

Oh, and here’s the best part.  This batch of new music includes a new Big Screen volume by film composer, David Wurst.  This one is already pre-sold to our many film and TV clients.  Enjoy!

And now without further ado, here are the new releases.