Are There Any True “Royalty Free Music” libraries Left?

Well, if you look at page one of Google or Yahoo/Bing search results for Royalty Free Music, the answer has to be NO.

Most so called Royalty Free libraries today are in reality Needle Drop libraries or laser drop  or digital drop.  But a rose is a rose right?  It boils down to “royalty per use” in one production.

When the royalty free music concept was invented in 1978 by Harn Soper, it was a licensing platform that bundled a large number of uses for a given tune or album.  The tune or the tunes within an album could be used an unlimited number of times for 99 years, essentially forever.  CSS Music came on the scene in 1982 and now is the oldest royalty free /buy-out/ no needle drop library under original management.

But there are still a few libraries that license the way it was done in 1978.  But most of the newbies on page one are either “creative commons” libraries mixed with a hybrid form of royalty free out and out needle drop libraries.


Look at the license, not the hype.  Ask questions, call the handy toll free number.  You’ll actually get a better deal and actually better music too!  Give CSS a call too at 800-468-6874.  Let’s talk production music and your needs and your client needs.