Handpicked and Curated Music – Here’s the Dirty Little Secret

Yes, there are some libraries that essentially do a data dump but some degree of handpicking or curation is a best practice.

But the process at CSS Music starts much earlier.  First, we listen to you.  And by you I mean all the various you’s there are that comprise the market place.  We listen to educators, corporate producers, videographers and film and TV producers, editors and directors.  We set the assignment and then we select a composer that’s right for the assignment, not just who’s available at the right price.  We don’t buy music like a pound of nails so that you won’t have to either.  When music truly becomes a commodity, it’s time to hang up the ol’ headphones and head for the door.  So CSS Music what you might say is already pre-handpicked because we buy an entire volume of material that covers a specific niche in the marketplace.

The dirty little secret is that the real curators are you, our customers.  That’s why we have 4 search systems for you to use, including the latest in waveform searching.  Actually you can blend the best of metatag searching with waveform searching and get a pretty interesting mix of material.  Funny though, like in the old days, knowing the library your selecting from is still the best way to go.  I always recommend actually listening to 30 seconds of a tune and give the effort at least an hour.  It will pay dividends, I promise.

But for those who just insist on that final level of sifting, we do offer our “Hot Lists”, each category as they say “hand picked”.  Music selection should be fun.  Add tunes to a playlist for future review and download or for e-mailing to clients around the world or the guy in the executive suite upstairs.