Multi-track Music Mud

In theory multi-track production music should be a real boon to the producer.  But on average is this true? Perhaps depending on the production and the skill set of the sound designer / editor / mixer.  It’s funny how this often works.  Someone spends sometimes an hour or more working with multiple tracks and because of “pride of authorship” can’t see the forest for the trees.  Not only are the results somewhat marginal but the cost or even the opportunity cost can be very high.  Today there is more music available than you can shake a stick at. Every genre and sub-genre covered and covered again.  It might be more productive to spend some of the time “wasted” in track manipulation on more and better searches resulting in more choices with less cost.  And when we say cost, this can translate into actual dollars for an editor’s time.  At CSS we believe searching should be fun.  This is why we provide 4 different search modes.  You can use our Hand Picked Curated Hot Lists to target in broadly.  Or try a pull down menu search focusing on individual keywords (essentially “feels” emotions, styles and genres).  To narrow the search even more use our Build-A-Search mode and search by 2 or 3 keywords.  But perhaps the most fun is our Exact-a-Track™ wave form search.  Combined with a broad keyword, this can be the most powerful search of all.  Slicing and dicing and adding tunes to Playlists for actual decision making.  Does it get any better?  Well yes, when you actually start laying the music in and syncing with a picture.  Magic.