Which is Better. Less is More or More for Less?

The answer of course is more for less and this is what our new expanded “You Pick ‘Em Plan” will do for music end users.  Previously the lowest tier was 10 tracks for $99. Now it’s 5. Pick any 5 tracks from anywhere on the site for $65.

What’s so great about this? Some libraries charge $65 for just one track with a limited list of rights.  With the “You Pick ‘Em Plan” you get 5 premium tracks for $65 (“No Jive, You Get 5”). Use them any time.  They never expire.  And the CSS Music Standard License gives you a big bundle of rights.  Read licenses and compare.

Check this deal out. Up one side and down the other.  Use our 4 search systems including waveform finger print searching, use our Playlist Utility to organize your music and download in one of 5 popular file formats.

If you have questions, any questions at all, call us toll free at 800-468-6874.