A Big Bundle of Rights!

No kidding, CSS Music has one of the biggest bundles of rights of any music library – royalty free or needle drop.  And realistically better than any creative commons library.

95% of 95% of our end users are completely covered by our standard license agreement.  But what about the 5%– those doing national tv commercials, national primetime TV programming, motion picture trailers, made for tv movies and full length motion pictures (see license agreement 1-d)?

Well yes, these folks require additional licensure.  But wait…they can actually set their own rates (anything reasonable).  Other libraries have fixed needle drop fees (e.g. $199) but these are by definition charges per use.

We humbly suggest that if you have any doubts about the CSS Music Standard License Agreement, you give us a call at 800-468-6874.  You’re in for a pleasant surprise.